Zapier Integration Bronze Plan

Integrating your form with Zapier allows you to send your submitted data to over 1,500+ other websites and apps. kwesForms connects to Zapier using webhook allowing for an instant zap instead of the delayed API connection.

Initiate Zapier Inviation

To use KwesForms with Zapier, you first need to initiate an invitation from your account. To do this go to your dashboard > website > form > integrations tab > select "Add Integration" > select "Zapier".

Accept Invitation

Now on the Zapier site, accept the invitation to integrate KwesForms with Zapier.

Create your Zap

Once in your Zapier dashboard, create your zap by selecting the "Make a Zap!" button on top. Search for KwesForms in the app field and select the "new submission" trigger.

At this point you need to add your API key. Select the "sign in to KwesForms" button and add your API Key. Your API key can be found by clicking your profile name > My accout > API tab.

Once your KwesForms account is connected, continue following the steps Zapier provides to connect your form to the app of your choice.

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