Webhook Integration Bronze Plan

A webhook is a simple way to send data automatically to another website or app when an event occurs.

Add Webhook

To add a webhook go to your dashboard > website > form > integrations tab > select "Add Integration" > select "Kwes Webhooks" > and "submissions received".

Adjust webhook setings

Field Values
Name Add a descriptive name to this webhook.
Mode There are 3 modes your webhook can have.
  • Live: Changes value of "kwes_webhook_mode" to "Live" on the request body.
  • Test: Changes value of "kwes_webhook_mode" to "Test" on the request body.
  • Off: Disables the webhook.
Webhook URL The URL where you want your submission data to go to.
Content-type Content is sent in JSON format.
Error emails The email address where you would like to receive an alert if an error occurs with the webhook.

Sample JSON Request

Below is an example of the request your URL will receive from our webhook.

  "__kwes_webhook_mode": "Live",
  "__mode": "production",
  "field1": "Optio minim omnis a",
  "field2": "jixuhakad@mailinator.net",
  "field3": "+1 (133) 277-6592",
  "field4": "Tiger"

Request with Repeater Fields

            "name__0":"Erica Hurst",
            "name__1":"Amena William",
            "name__2":"Rhonda Marks",

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