Form Testing

KwesForms offers two ways to test your forms, a testing domain or test mode on specific forms.

Testing domain

A website has the option to have a testing domain assigned to it. This allows you to create a form in your development environment and have it pushed later to your production server. A testing domain can be:

  • A domain accessible online
  • A localhost setup
  • A local file path setup

To use this option, set up your form on your testing domain, localhost, or local file. In the last step of the form setup process, you will have the option to assign that domain as a test domain.

A form placed on a test domain will show a message as a reminder of its status and that any entries submitted from that domain will not count against your limit.

Test mode

This option allows you to test your form on your live domain and not have your submissions count against your monthly limit. Simply add mode="test" to your <form> tag like so:

<form ... mode="test">

Viewing test data

You can view your test data by toggling the "View Test Data" switch on the top right corner when you're in the "submissions" page.

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