Email Branding Silver Plan

Kwes offers a few options to customize the branding of your emails.

You can customize and brand your emails with a logo. The logo is set at the website level. All forms within the website will feature the logo in their outgoing emails.

To add a logo follow these steps:

  • From your dashboard select a website
  • Select settings from the workspace menu
  • Upload a logo in the "website logo" field
    • File must be a .jpg
    • under 500KB
    • max width of 200px or 400px for retina display

Custom from-name

On notification emails, the from name can be branded with your business or website name. The from name gets displayed in a users email inbox.

To customize the from name:

  • From your dashboard select a website > form name > email settings
  • In the notifications panel select a notification email
  • Scroll down to the "From Name" field and add your desired branded name

Unstyled emails

Another option to remove our branding is to send a simple regular email without any styling. Very similar to a plain text email. See unstyled emails.

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