Datepicker field Bronze Plan

Don't create datepicker fields from scratch anymore. Use our extremely easy to use datepicker component in seconds and save hours of unnecessary work.

Adding a datepicker field

To add a datepicker to your form create an input and set the type attribute to datepicker. Lastly, wrap the datepicker in a <div class="kw-datepicker-wrapper">. It will automatically be detected and formatted as a datepicker.

Clearing the datepicker

To clear the datepicker all you need to do is click on the input, then just backspace like you would any other field. Hitting backspace once will clear the field entirely.


The language on the datepicker can be changed. This will affect the "days" and "months" according to your language settings for form validation. To set the language on a datepicker follow the form validation language instructions.

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