Stripe Integration Silver Plan

Stripe is one of the easiest way to accept payments on your website.

Add the integration

To add a Stripe integration go to your dashboard > website > form > integrations tab > select "Payments" > select "Stripe".

After this select the "log into Stripe" button which will redirect you to the Stripe website. From here login to Stripe with your account.

Transaction information

Field Values
Stripe mode Stripe can be placed in 3 different modes:
  • Live: Form submission data will be sent to Stripe in live mode.
  • Test: Form submission data will sent to Stripe in test mode.
  • Off: Form submission data will not be sent to Stripe.
Transaction type Single payment: A one time payment for goods, services, or donations.
Currency Select the charge currency.
Total field Map a field from your form as the total field. It should be a hidden or read only field as this prevents tampering. The value can be a fixed number or the result of a calculation.
Charge description The charge description appears on the customers statement. Statement descriptors are limited to 22 characters, cannot use the special characters ``<, >, ', ", or *,`` and must not consist solely of numbers. More information on limitations can be found on Stripe.
Error emails If an error occurs with the integration a notification will be sent to this email address.
Send receipt email with Stripe If checked, the receipt email will be sent using Stripe. If not checked you can create your own receipt using KwesForms.

Customer Information

The following optional fields updates the customer record.

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