KwesForms V2 Documentation

Welcome to the KwesForms V2 documentation! We decided to start over and rebuilt our script from scratch. Many loved our original script but V2 has changed the game, again.

V2 has more features, more flexibility, more feedback, and a tiny file size. Once you use V2 you'll never want to use anything else. Dive in and enjoy building forms again.


One form script to power any website

Our script has been rewritten in vanilla JavaScript allowing it to seamlessly integrate into any web platform without conflicts. From static site generators, CMS platforms, SPA’s, page builders and development frameworks. It works on everything.

It’s almost too fast

The V2 form script is now 20KB compared to V1 which is 300KB. That's 93% smaller making page load time incredibly fast!

Add your own "custom validation rules"

Besides the 49 validation rules we offer, now you can easily harness the power of KwesForms and create custom validation rules that validate as you type and on blur just like our own.

Take control with “Form Events”

Users can customize their forms experience further by hooking on to our specific events and altering the form as needed.

Improved multistep forms

You can finally validate each step of a multistep form and prevent a user from moving forward if the needed validations are not passed. We also emit custom events when the "next" or "previous" buttons are clicked on a multistep form for further customization options.

Improved repeater fields

Repeater fields can now have a limit set to them. This comes in handy if you want to allow the user to repeat the set of fields only a specific amount of times. We also emit custom events whenever the "add" or "remove" buttons are clicked for further customization options.

Hassle free form styling

V2 will no longer add style conflicting wrappers to your HTML elements. Now you can style forms 100% your way. Truly, the easiest way to integrate forms to your site.

Form syntax that won’t interfere

Our form syntax now aligns to W3C standards for better browser compatibility, validation and no framework conflicts.

We speak your language

We've completely overhauled our messaging system for the benefit of our non-english speaking users! It now allows for all our feedback and any format error messages to be displayed in your desired language, not just the validation errors.

We're also proud to announce that popular languages will also be supported here on our docs, as well as tutorial videos. You'll have everything you need to succeed with KwesForms.

Simpler Checkboxes

If checkboxes are not in a group, they can now be used without a wrapper.

You can contribute

We want to hear from you. Your voice helps us make KwesForms the form service you always wish you had. If you have trouble with V2, suggestions, or don't know how to do something let us know. You can email us at or use the live chat feature on our website.

Notice anything wrong in our docs? Let us know.