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Form Validation Free & Bronze Plan


Kwes provides 49 form validation rules that validate fields on the frontend and backend at the same time. This feature saves developers countless hours of validation work, improves UX, conversion rate, and helps fight spam.

How to Use

A list of all validation rules can be found on the next section of the docs, form validation rules.

To use a form validation rule, simply use a rules attribute on your field and follow the syntax for the validation rule. Here is a sample code using the numeric validation rule.

<input type="text" rules="numeric">

All form validation rules can be combined with one another to satisfy a validation requirement. To combine rules use the pipe character | between rules.

<input type="text" rules="numeric|required">


Heres an example of a field with some validation rules. Notice how it validates on the frontend 3 different ways:

  • as you type
  • when you click out of the field
  • and when you press submit
Name must be atleast 3 characters
<input type="text" rules="required|min:3|max:20">