For developers

Add file uploads like a true developer.

Build like a dev

There’s no need to use a drag and drop form service, just add a simple HTML file upload form tag to your form and we’ll handle the rest.

Style it your way

Don’t let a form service dictate the look of your form, easily style your form with CSS so that it looks native on your website.

Stay efficient

Use our file upload on ANY environment. From simple HTML, to JAMstack, JavaScript, react, angular, CMS’s and more.

Easy Integration

Install using a CDN or NPM in a few simple steps. You'll be up and running in minutes!

Super secure

Easy and robust security.

Low-code validation

We’re the only form service to offer frontend and backend validation for file uploads with one line of code.

Multiple validation rules

Harden your forms security and protect computer resources with up to 9 validation rules for file uploads.

Authorized uploads

Automatically prevent uploads from bots, scripts, and unauthorized domains.

Secure storage

Never worry about losing an upload. Files are stored and backed up in our hardened AWS S3 bucket.

Prevent attacks

Protect against attacks such as Man-in-The-Middle with automated authentication and tampering.

Isolate risk

Protect your website and web application by removing uploaded files from your web server.

How it works

Setup secure file uploads in 5 simple steps

This file upload demo has the frontend and backend validation rules of required, must be an image, and it's size must be 1MB or less.
  1. Add the .kwes-form class to your form tag.
  2. Add your unique action URL to your form tag.
  3. Add enctype="multipart/form-data" to your form tag.
  4. Create an input with type="file"
  5. Add file upload frontend and backend validation using the rules tag.
file upload large files

Don't be limited to small uploads

Our hardened secure infrastructure allows users to upload large files up to 1GB in size! This allows organizations that deal with graphics, photography, videography, design and construction to use our service internally in their day-to-day operations.

See uploaded files in your inbox

Save time by not logging into your account to view uploaded files. Easily attach files with a simple checkbox when creating email notifications or include a public link to view and download the files using Markdown.

attach file uploads in email
improve file upload conversion

Improve UX and increase conversions

  • Our simple to use validation rules easily guides your form users on the type of file that's accepted.
  • Ask for a file upload at the right time using our multi-step form component.
  • Only ask for a file upload when needed by using conditional fields.
  • Use our repeater field to ask for multiple file uploads on the same form.

Automate your workflow

Let the power of automation work for you by instantly sending uploaded files to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage apps with our Zapier integration.

send upload files to zapier

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