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Product questions.

What makes KwesForms special?

KwesForms is the perfect marriage between the large feature-rich form services (Formstack, Jotform), and the lightweight developer-focused endpoint services (Formspree, Basin). We're also the only form service to offer simultanious frontend/backend validation along with some of our other many features listed above! Trust me, you'll love us.

Is this a drag-and-drop form service?

KwesForms is meant for developers so we are NOT a drag-and-drop service. You build your forms with your own HTML/CSS plus our form building tools (datepickers, multistep, conditional-logic, etc.) Then you can add our validation rules and point your form to our backend for spam protection, submission storage, and email sending.

Will this work on (insert platform here)?

Our script is built on plain old vanilla Javascript. This means it will work perfectly with any frontend/backend framework you may be using. The setup instructions may be different per platform, but it will most definitely work, and it'll be lightning fast as well!

Does this only validate frontend?

Our script is the only form service that offers frontend + backend validation at the same time. All you have to do is write your rules once as we mention in our docs, sit back, and validate. Not to mention, our validaiton rules are also untamperable.

Can I use this without adding your JS script?

Unfortunately it's not possible to use our service without our JS file. And hosting it locally is also not an option as it will not function properly that way. On the bright side, our script provides a huge range of benefits that would simply not be possible without it.

Will KwesForms work with subdomains?

The simple answer is yes. KwesForms will work perfectly on root domains and subdomains. Setup is also identical on either case.

Development questions.

Do I need to add validation rules?

Validation rules are not needed for every field in your form in order for it to work successfully. You can add validation rules on your fields if you need to! Nevertheless, adding validation rules helps improve user experience resulting in a better conversion rate. It also helps to fight spam.

Can I add fields after my form is synced?

Of course! Once a form is synced, (meaning it was successfully connected to our system), you can just add fields to your code like you would any other form. Once that code is made live and the page is reloaded, it will re-sync your form automatically.

Pricing questions.

How do the free trials work?

For all plans, you get a 14 day free trial to try out our product and fall in love! You DON'T need to add your credit card in order to try our product. Our Free plan is also free forever and is a perfect fit for simple personal projects.

How do I remove the "powered by" link?

The "powered by" link is displayed only on the free plan. In order to remove this link, you simply need to upgrade to at least a Silver plan! This also gives you the ability to send unstyled emails or add your own logo to the outgoing form emails.

Do you offer nonprofit pricing?

We offer a 25% discount to non-educational, non-governmental organizations that are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Apply for this discount with your organization’s 990 form or the non-US equivilent if your based outside of the US.

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