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Send emails from your HTML forms in literal seconds. Manage form submissions for you or your web clients and improve form conversion by supercharging your HTML forms with our frontend validation and low-code tools.

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Autoresponder Emails
Frontend Validation
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How it works

Instantly connect your HTML form and start collecting data.

<form action="" method="POST">
    <input name="fieldname">
    <button type="submit">Submit</button>

Point to our backend

Add the form endpoint URL we provide to your form action. That's literally all you need to start collecting submissions.

<form class="kf-form" action="" method="POST">
    <input name="fieldname" rules="required|max:30">
    <button type="submit">Submit</button>

<script src="" defer></script>

Supercharge your form

Use our frontend script to instantly supercharge your form, with frontend/backend validation logic, special field types, and much more. Simply add the kf-form class on your <form> tag, and add our special script before your closing </body> tag.


Supercharge your forms with our tiny but powerful script

Only a ~20KB file

Our script file is Incredibly lightweight, small, and optimized at only ~20KB gzipped. No other service comes close.

Small but powerful

Although our script is very lightweight, it still has the most features in the market. You get the best of both worlds.

AWS Cloudfront CDN

To make things even faster, we also host our script on an extremely fast Edge CDN on 42 countries.

Frameworks & Platforms

Works perfectly with any framework. Right out of the box.

Client Management

You don't need to compromise. Build your forms however you wish and hand your client the keys to a simple management interface. It's a match made in heaven.

Affiliate Program

Want some passive income? Use KwesForms on your clients and earn 20% every month, for life, for every paid customer you bring onboard.

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Our customers love us. You will too.

“KwesForms allows our agency to spend less time recreating a form submission architecture on each new project.”

Chris H. Northweather

“Game-changing for JAMstack sites! It was the best onboarding experience I've had and I was up and running in a few minutes.”

Alisha D. Alisha

“The integrations make it super easy to take payments and integrate submission data absolutely anywhere I need to.”

Alistair T. DesignRemotely

“Really easy to use, a breeze to integrate. I love the endless validation options as well. Awesome customer support.”

Raghav M. Oblivion Tech

“It was pretty straightforward to set up and start using the product. The number of features offered is fantastic.”

Silvestar B. Silvestar Codes

“KwesForms is the first form service that just works. And not only that – it works the way that I want it to.”

Jakob A. StrongMind

All-in-one form solution for web developers

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Send Emails

Control when emails are sent and who receives them.

Thanks to our pristine email sending reputation, your form's emails will always reach the inbox and not the junk folder. Customize your emails with our markdown editor, add your own logo, use conditional logic and control who receives what.

  • Conditional logic
  • Pristine reputation
  • Markdown editor
  • Beautiful by default
Form Submission Management

Data management made easy for you and your clients.

Don't let your submissions just sit in an inbox. Whether it's you or your client managing the data, you'll have a clean intuitive dashboard that makes viewing, sharing, and managing a breeze.

  • Zapier + Integrations
  • Native webhooks
  • Form sharing
Spam Protection

Say goodbye to spam submissions. Say hello to a clean inbox.

97.3% of spam is blocked for you, automatically. With an A.I. that is constantly learning and multiple layers of spam protection, all that's left for you to do is sit back and watch the clean submissions come in. Spam is no longer a problem.

  • Machine Learning A.I.
  • reCaptcha Integration
  • 97.3% Accuracy
  • Multiple Spam Filters
Form Building Components

Don't spend hours building form components. Use ours instead.

Whether you need datepickers, credit-card fields, calculated fields, real-time answer piping, or even multistep forms, we got you covered. Add these features into your form in seconds, its dead simple.

  • Multistep Forms
  • Datepicker Fields
  • Conditional Logic
  • Answer Piping
  • File Uploads
  • Repeater Fields
  • Credit-Card Fields
  • Calculated Fields
  • Predetermined Lists
Form Validation

Validating your forms has never been this simple, yet powerful.

Accept data exactly how you want it with our 49 validation rules. You only need to add your rules once and you'll enjoy frontend + backend validation at the same time with virtually no learning curve. Theres nothing else like it, we promise.

  • Validate Frontend/Backend
  • Validate As-You-Type
  • 49 Validation Rules
  • Validate on Blur
All Features

The most powerful form service is at your fingertips.

Local Testing

Test your forms locally before you push to your live server.

No Tampering

Our forms are automatically set up in a way that prevents dev-tool tampering.

Event hooks

Hook onto our custom form events for more form customization.

Form sharing

Share your forms with your clients and with other members of your team.

Edit user data

Edit form data on your backend after it has already been submitted.

Multiple forms

Set up multiple forms on the same page without any hassle!


Connect to over 1,500 apps through our Zapier integration.


Send form data over to your app after a submission is received.

Collect payments

Collect payments through our Stripe integration and credit-card fields.

CSV export

Export and download all of your submission data to a CSV file.

Formatted fields

Add fields like datepickers, country drop-downs, and credit-card's in seconds.

Double validation

Validate frontend & backend at the same time with only one line of code.

Repeater Fields

Enable a form user to repeat a group of fields as many times as needed.

Multistep Forms

Divide a form into multiple steps only showing a few questions at a time.

Email logic

Send your emails according to conditional logic that you specify in your settings.

Logo on emails

Add your own logo to any incoming and outgoing emails from your forms.

Unstyled emails

Send un-branded regular emails rather than our styled emails if necessary.

72 languages

choose what language to display your validation error messages.


Redirect your form to any page after it's been successfully submitted.

Form messages

Display success/error messages on your form without having to redirect or reload.

File uploads

Upload from 5GB to 40GB depending on your selected KwesForms plan.

Calculated fields

Perform calculations between multiple fields and display totals.

Answer piping

Insert or "pipe" a field value anywhere on your form.

Hide/Show logic

Show or hide anything inside your form based on field values or any other boolean.

Customer Service

Greatest customer service by far. No one comes close.

Speak with a human

If you need someone to help you debug, or you just have a few questions, we got you covered.

We always reply

Send us a chat message or an email, and we will always get back to you. That's always a promise.

You will succeed

We will stop at nothing to ensure your success with our product. Your success is guaranteed.

All-in-one form solution for web freelancers

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