March 2020 – 11 New Features & Upgrades

Erik Gonzalez

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing @ KwesForms.

We are always listening to you, our customers! Here is a summary of the 8 new features and 3 upgrades that have all been requested by you.

  • New Form Features
  • New Email Features & 1 Upgrade
  • Compatibility Upgrades

6 New Form Features

72 Languages for Validation

One of our most requested features is being able to change the form validation error messages to another language. You want French? We got it. Italian? Yep. Chinese? Which one? We got three versions. No other form builder offers this many. Some offer none at all! See our entire list of validation languages.

Floating Labels

One way to improve a forms UX is to use floating labels. Some users have reported a 30% improvement on their form conversion with this simple feature. Our floating labels are so easy to implement why not give them a try. Read our floating label docs.

No Form Reload

Some users prefer their forms not to reload after a submission and only show a success message. It’s now possible with a simple form attribute. Read how to use it.

Field Count Error

Our default error message now shows form users the amount of fields not validated. A simple feature that will surely benefit conversion rate.

Repeater Fields

A repeater field allows you to wrap a group of fields together and enable a form user to repeat the fields as many times as needed. This feature gives your form flexibility and empowers the user to only enter the amount of data they need. Read our repeater field docs.

Multi Step Forms

Multistep forms are ideal for getting more information from visitors without hurting conversion rates. It allows you to divide long forms into multiple steps only showing a few questions at a time. See our multi step form docs.

2 New Email Features & 1 Upgrade

Flagged Spam & File Uploads

Sometimes a legitimate submission with a file attachment would get caught in our spam filter without saving the attached file. Now attachments are saved even if a submissions gets flagged as spam.

Branded From Name

Improve your email branding by customizing the from name on notification emails. The from name is seen in a users inbox. Read docs.

Unstyled Emails

You can now send unstyled emails very similar to plain text emails. All styling and branding is stripped away and the end result is a regular looking email. See our unstyled email docs.

2 Compatibility Upgrades

IE 11 and Edge

If there’s one dream web developers have is for IE to die! Especially version 11! Why are people still using this version? There’s a little more than 2% of the population using IE 11 and around 6.5% using Edge. One of our customers really needed our form builder to support these browser versions. So we did just that. KwesForms is now compatible with IE 11 and Edge.

SPA Sites

KwesForms now works with single page application. Read our docs for SPA implementation.

Need a Feature?

There's no better feature we can work on than the one you need. Let us know in the comments below.